Peer Pressure With Alcohol and Drugs

Students are affected everyday by peer pressure with alcohol and drugs.

Students have strong opinions on peer pressure with drugs and alcohol.

“People see it [drinking and doing drugs] as a way to be cool and popular,” said Lizzie McAdams, senior.

“Peer pressure is very harmful to kids in high school,” said a senior who wished to stay anonymous.

Students believe that the efforts of the adults by having programs like D.A.R.E (the program that warns kids about drug and alcohol abuse) are not very helpful either.

“Nobody takes D.A.R.E seriously; they take it as a joke,” said Kevanna Gibson, freshman. “In middle school everybody was just playing around, and nobody was really paying attention to what they were telling us. My parents are the biggest influence on me; my mother doesn’t do drugs or alcohol at all, so that sets an example for me.”

“You listen in there, and you have it in your head then, but that doesn’t mean it’s the same when you’re in the situation,” said the anonymous student.

One student believes peer pressure and drugs and alcohol can ruin your whole life. “Peer pressure is definitely a bad influence on teens because it can mess up your life,” said Austin Smith, senior.

On the other hand, peer pressure can also work to stop alcohol and drug abuse. “We can all do something to help like spread awareness,”  said the anonymous student. “Speak up when you feel someone is being pressured.”