Student Highlight: Juelz Williams, Junior


Juelz Williams is an all-around nice guy.

A junior,  his favorite class is biology because most of his friends take the same class. He also likes his history class.

On the weekdays he goes to work at Hardee’s where he occasionally gets free food, but when he is free he likes to watch Anime and sleep.

Juelz has varied taste in music and movies. “My favorite music artist is Summer Walker, and one of my favorite songs from her is Hrs and Hrs.  Another one of my favorite music artists is Doja Cat, and my favorite song from her is Need to Know.  I like horror movies and one of my favorite movies is Scream; my favorite character is Billy Loomis.

“Although I like to watch movies on Netflix, I would rather live without Netflix than Youtube. Because I can watch a variety of things such as music videos and cooking channels, I think it’s best to have Youtube.

Overall, Juelz thinks he’s a fun person.

“I am funny and compassionate, and I’m caring. I think my friends would describe me as mean since they’re always joking around, but for others I think they would describe me as an outgoing and friendly person,”  he said.

“In the future. my goal is to graduate high school and become a fashion model. It is important to me because I really enjoy fashion, and I like to follow trends. I want to model for Gucci and Louis Vuitton,” he said.