Five Inexpensive Date Ideas

Going on dates during high school can quickly become expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Here are five inexpensive ways to spend time with your significant other. 

Make dinner together 

A simple pasta always makes a great meal. Spaghetti ingredients are relatively cheap and easy to find. Assuming you already have a pot and stove at home, this date should cost you no more than $5-$10. This meal may be made meatless, but with the addition of cheese can be hearty and filling. 

Rent a movie 

Sites such as Pluto or Tubi have many free movies, but most people use Youtube or Amazon Prime. You can easily rent a movie for under $10 on Amazon Prime or Youtube. You could also try a free trial of Hulu or Netflix and find a movie on those sites. 

Get coffee 

Going out to chat over coffee is a great way to get to know your date better. More expensive places, such as Starbucks, may cost $10-$15 dollars for two coffees. McDonald’s is a great alternative to more expensive coffee chains. Their coffee, at its most expensive, is $3.39 for a large coffee. You could also support a local small coffee shop such as Callands Coffee, Link’s, Crema & Vine. 

Go to the library

Spending quiet time with a significant other can mean a lot. Sitting back with a good book and reading together is a great way to spend quiet time with one another. There are many libraries in our area and most do not require you to pay for a library card. 

Have a picnic 

Making a picnic and heading to the park is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. You could pack sandwiches, some vegetables and dip, a potato salad, and something sweet for dessert. Most of these foods can be prepared at home for under $15 all together. Another option would be to take advantage of the buy one/get one option at Hardee’s and take the burgers some place special to eat.