Senior Spotlight: Zanya Keen

Zanya Keen is excited to be a senior and can’t wait to see what comes next after she graduates.

“I’m happy because I am ready to get out of this school,” said Keen. “I’m going to miss certain people though,” she said.

“I managed for the girls basketball team in high school,” Keen said.

“I plan to go to VCU to study business and administration after high school. High school was pretty easy but a little hard because I had other important responsibilities,” she said.

My favorite class in high school was English 12 with Mr. Farr. He was an understanding teacher and he made English fun and interesting,” she said.

“One thing I’ll miss about high school is laughing with my friends. My best friends in high school are Ameia Harris, Chancity Wilson, and Taylynn Fitzgerald,” Keen said.

“My advice for the incoming freshmen is: Don’t worry about friends; they come and go. One thing that changed about me from when I was a freshmen to now is that I’m not as shy as I used to be. I got more sociable but only to my small circle of friends,” she said.

“I haven’t experienced senioritis at all in my senior year. The highlight of my senior year was basketball Senior Night because it was a big moment for me,” she said.