Freshman Spotlight

Chloe Gay has had a great first year as a high school student.

“My favorite part of high school is making new friends and getting to see them everyday,” Gay said. “My least favorite part of school is some of the classes I am taking,” she said.

Gay has made lots of new friends this year.

This semester, Gay is taking adv earth science with Mr. Gary Poindexter, journalism with Mrs. Janet Bishop, gym with Coach Joseph Fielder, and adv world history with Mrs. Kimberly Dooley.

“I cheered and tried track, but track didn’t work out for me. I am not in any clubs because I do not have time,” Gay said. “I have dance most days of the week; I just can’t do it all.”

“I was most excited about having more classes that I was interested in and making lots of new friends,” she said. “The biggest change was how everything works and how I have lots more freedom.”

“The hardest, hardest thing I have had to do this year is trying to be more outgoing,” Gay said.