CHS Women’s Ensemble Earns a Overall Excellent Rating at Assessments

Students from left to right, back row: Madison Roach, sophomore; Malithia Stroud, senior; Kaylin Sandridge, junior; Lauren Hankins, senior; Ava Miller, freshman; Amber Pruitt, sophomore; Mrs. Pamela Matherly. Second row, left to right: Chloe Hedrick, sophomore; Jaylen Martin, junior; Kasey Martin, junior; Zayna Keen, senior.

CHS Women’s Ensemble brought home an Excellent rating after the recent observation assessment at University of Lynchburg.

“This is our version of an SOL test where the group’s two-song-concert is judged by three professionals on stage and one judge for sight-reading performance,” Mrs. Pamela Matherly, choir instructor, said. “In sight-reading, the students are handed music that they have never seen before. They can work on it for two minutes without any help from the instructor, then they have one run to sing the notes together,” she said.

The choir got all Twos from the stage which is the second highest possible rating at the assessment. They also earned a One in sight-reading which is considered superior. Matherly had one of her previous students, Jaylen Martin, junior,  play the piano with them which gave the group an extra point because he is an enrolled student and not a professional pianist.

The choir was overall pleased with their scores with just a little disappointment thrown in.

I was a little disappointed the ensemble didn’t get all superior; however, I agreed with the judges’ statements, Matherly said. We put tons of work into this assessment, and it’s pretty much equivalent to a SOL. The Women’s Ensemble did a fantastic job, and it made me so proud, Matherly said.

My reaction was a little disappointed but overall I was happy and proud of all of us, Kaylin Sandridge, a junior, said. My favorite memory would be being able to sing on the stage with people I consider family, Sandridge said.

Other students also shared their memories about their day.

My favorite memory from the whole day would be being with my chorus family, Malithia Stroud, a senior, said. I’ll forever carry the relationship and bonds I’ve made in this class, Stroud said.

My favorite memory would be when we went out to eat and were playing with Snapchat filters while waiting for our food, said, Zayna Keen, a senior. I’ll forever cherish the funny memories with Kasey and Kaylin, Keen said.

My day was overall good at assessments; I enjoyed spending time with all of my friends and making jokes, Lauren Hankins, a senor, said. Singing on the bus on the way to assessment is a memory I”ll forever share. When Matherly shared the score, I honestly thought she was joking because I wasn’t expecting getting so high, Hankins said.

Since the students did so well at assessments, Matherly decided to temporarily dye her hair green. I told the students if they scored a Superior, I would let them color my hair. As a result, I gave my hair stylist a heart attack, Matherly said.

I was very shocked that she let us dye her hair; I literally screamed, Sandridge said.

” I honestly thought she was joking when she showed us the hair dye; I really wasn’t expecting it, Kasey Martin, junior said.

“I hope people will congratulate the students who participated,” said Matherly. Many of them have been with her since middle school, and they have been working for this amazing score all semester.