Review on the Movie “The Hate U Give”

In the movie The Hate U Give, the character Starr protests on behalf of her boyfriend who was wrongfully killed by the police. The picture is from Google.

The Hate U Give  is a inspiring movie based on racism and injustice.

Khalil was and his girlfriend Starr were pulled over for speeding. The policeman told him to get out of the car; it was dark outside. Khalil reached back into the vehicle for his hairbrush; he policeman thought the hairbrush was a gun, and pulled his own gun to shoot him.

Starr witnesses the death and is traumatized by this; she fights to make sure his killer, the policeman, is put in jail.

This movie walks the audience through the aftermath of a young black man being wrongfully killed.

I love this movie I rate it a 10/10; this movie really inspired me to stand up for justice.

My favorite part of the movie is when she stands up for her little brother when the police was telling him to drop his weapon. I like this scene because we have to stand up for our people.

My least favorite scene is when Khalil gets shot. I did not like this part because it was real. This happens everyday and it is so  heartbreaking.