Affects Quarantine on Mental Health

The mental health of students was adversely affected by the restrictions of quarantine of the last two years.

Many students gained and lost friends during this difficult time.

“I lost friends because they’re fake, and I like to be by myself.” said JT Brown, a senior. “”It really just felt normal [to be off quarantine], I was happy to play basketball,” said Brown.

“I gained some friends, because I was at home and on my phone more,” said Jaden Breedlove, a freshman. “It was great [to be off quarantine] because I got to get out of the house,” said Breedlove.

“The quarantine didn’t change my friendships; I kept the same friends honestly,” said Jaedyn Thompson, a freshman. “”I was happy to get out of the house and finally socialize,” said Thompson.

Most students felt online school was harder. “It was harder because I didn’t learn anything, and I’m not a virtual learner,” said Breedlove.

“It was hard because I wasn’t learning much over technology,” said Thompson.

“No, it was easy because I got to wake up when I wanted to and do my work on my own time,” said Brown.

Most students saw mental and physical changes.

“Yes, I matured a lot,” said Brown.