Adventures Over Spring Break

Students have returned back to school this week from a much needed spring break.

They had a variety of adventures.

“Over break, I went to Emerald Isle, NC, beach with my friend Ava and her family. We went out to eat at nice restaurants, and we went shopping because it was too cold to lie out on the beach,” said Ellie Burley, senior.

“I went to the beach with a few of my close friends. We lay out on the beach all day and tanned, and then at night we would go get a fancy dinner and do a little bit of shopping. After I got home, I went to a Chatham baseball game to support my friends and school,” said Anne Oakes, senior.

“I went to my family’s lake house over break with some friends and my boyfriend. We tanned, played cornhole, and watched lots of movies. We also woke up super early on the last day and went to eat at Waffle House,” said Caroline Moore. senior.

“Over spring break, I took my dogs to the park for a day and got them pup cups from Starbucks on our way home. I also went and got ice cream with my sister and my boyfriend. I went on two dates. It was a good time to relax and forget about school,” said Kirra Lee, senior.

“I spent everyday hanging out with my friends and girlfriend,” said Chancelor Long.