How to Make a Pen for Chicks

Many farmers associate the start of spring when feed stores begin selling chicks and ducklings.

It’s not uncommon for people to enter a feed store for only a few things and leave with a box full of adorable chicks.

Baby turkeys and guineas a few hours after being purchased.

The most important parts about keeping chicks healthy are heat, food, and water. Almost all feed stores sell food and water containers for chicks as well as heat lamps to keep them warm. First, the baby birds need a safe place to shelter.

A 40 gallon tub works perfectly as a home for your chicks until they grow up.

Place a layer of wood shavings about an inch thick inside the box;  add the food and water in the appropriate containers.

Make sure you place down the water carefully to avoid spilling it.
Electrolytes are very important to add the water as it gives poultry nutrients.
Clip the heat lamp onto the top of the box and point the lamp downwards.
Add your chicks and watch as they explore their new home.

The chicks are mature enough to leave their home when they are fully feathered, about four weeks or so.