Preperation for SOLs

Many students are nervous about upcoming SOLs.

SOLs testing has already happened for some, but many history and science SOLs are beginning May 3 to May 20.

Many students get nervous during testing, and according to CPR News, testing causes more stress among high school students.

“I tend to get very anxious during any test, but SOLs are way worse than regular tests,” said Grace Stowe, freshman. 

“I try to get plenty of sleep the night of the test, and in the morning I eat a great breakfast,” said Lindsey Evans, freshman.

Students have  come up with ways to relieve anxiety and stress on SOLs.

“I relieve the stress of tests by writing little positive thoughts on my paper, so whenever I get stressed on a question I have something positive to look at,” said Stowe.

“I always try to look over every review packet my teacher gives me,” said Evans. “If I have enough time then I go onto SOL Pass and do a couple of practice tests.” 

“If I get too stressed on a test, I’ll take a minute and draw a little picture on my scratch paper,” said Madison Swanson, freshman.

“I like to make sure I am prepared, so I make flashcards and review them,” said Shakira Royal, sophomore.