Senior Spotlight Kelsey Shelton

Kelsey Shelton is in the Senior Spotlight this week.

“My favorite part of being a senior is that it’s almost over. The assignments, stress, testing, all that will be done,” said Shelton. “The worst part is leaving a select few of my friends. Normally after high school, everyone goes their own way, and we won’t see each other every day anymore.”

“In high school, I found a love for softball and played it up until tenth grade. I decided to quit because I wanted a job and to save for my future,” said Shelton. “I want a house, a new car, and a family; saving money is what will get me there.”

“I have a job after school; I have managed to pay for my 2016 Ford Focus fully as well as other important bills,” said Shelton. “I love spending time with my boyfriend. I don’t  have a lot of friends; my boyfriend is my closest friend honestly,” said Shelton. “We like to ride around and listen to a variety of music, watch movies, and go out to eat. We eat out on a budget so we really like Los Tres, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-a, and San Marcos.”

“After high school, I have no idea what I want to do. I wanted to go to DCC to become an esthetician…a skin care specialist, but I can make more money and actually enjoy my job at where I work now. The manager told me that I have a really good chance of managing my own business,” siad Shelton.