Chatham’s cheerleaders.

Chatham High School won its homecoming game against Cumberland.

The game ended with a score of 33-16; over 1100 tickets were sold. Very few people from Cumberland showed up.

The cheerleaders enjoyed a tailgate party. They passed out snacks and drinks.

The Homecoming Court were voted on by their peers. Homecoming King is Ben Burton; Homecoming Queen is Kate Clatterbuck.

The prince is Harper Jones and the princess is Angela Dilliard. Freshman Representatives are Brianne Conner, Andrew Coles, Micah Robertson, and Abigail Giles.

Sophomore Representatives are Brae Adkins, Kennedy Jones, Ethan Reynolds, and Hailey Doss.

Junior Representatives are Taylor Haymore, Talor Moore, Hunter Adkins, and Hannah Dawson.

Senior Representatives are Jeremy Sloane, Angela Dilliard, Ben Burton, Carmen Pruitt, Olivia Jones, Jacob Willis, Harper Jones, and Kate Clatterbuck.

Homecoming couples. From left to right: Hunter Adkins and Hannah Dawson, Jeremy Sloane and Angela Dilliard, and Harper Jones and Kate Clatterbuck.