Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are replacing mascara in the cosmetics industry.

Charmaine Paylor is a skilled asthetician at Eyesalons, in Greensboro, NC. She loves helping women feel more self-confident every day. “I went to school originally to learn how to do facials, but eyelash extensions struck my attention and made me want to do more. I love to make women feel comfortable in their own bodies. I am thankful this is my job though, seeing women love themselves more is what makes me happy.”

“Eyelash extensions aren’t for everyone; they’re different. If you aren’t used to anything around your eyes, do not try it. There are different styles for everyone to fit your eyes; everyone has a different look. Get eyelash extensions done about three or four times until you really decide that is what you want to do. 

“Eyelash extensions enhance the thickness, fullness, and length of natural eyelashes. Applying eye makeup can be stressful and time consuming. Keeping mascara on every day and overnight is doing more harm than you know; it can cause your eyelashes to fall off,” said Paylor.

“Extensions are real, healthy lashes that are put over your natural lashes, one by one. They are made of real hair and put on by a professional licensed lash artist. It is highly recommended to have a professional lash artist to have your work done; letting an untrained individual do your eyelashes can cause infections in the eyes,” she said.

Eyelash extensions are a new experience. Some will enjoy it and want to continue, and some will hate having something “extra” around their eyes.

“I have gotten eyelash extensions for over two years. They have changed my life and made me love myself. I highly recommend them for everyone to try once in their lifetime,” said the author.