Movie Review: Tim Burton’s Batman Returns

Michael Keaton will officially return after 31 years as Batman in the upcoming “The Flash” movie, which is set to release on June 16.

Batman is a darker character than he was in the first movie. He has many new gadgets and a new suit.

The main villains of this movie are the Penguin, who is played by Danny DeVito; and the Catwoman, who is played by Michelle Pfeiffer.Batman Returns (1992) - IMDb

The Penguin’s character was done very well. The Penguin now has a lisp, and makes different unsettling sounds with his body movements, and he has a different way of doing things that makes things difficult for Batman.

Catwoman’s character is iconic with her black leather suit which was made a staple for the Catwoman.

Her team-up with the Penguin is well done, with them both having the same motives of both being outsiders that society has tried to get rid of. They were a perfect match.

This movie is recommended for those who want to watch an older dark action movie.