Fall leave DIY

Materials needed are: Mod Podge, Hole punch (if needed) twine, stick and colorful fall leaves
cover one side of ur leaves in a THIN coat of Mod Podge and set aside to dry.
once all leaves are coated u can work on the base for your stick!
Grab your stick and cut off a long length of twine, mine was 25 inches
tie onto both ends of the stick as shown.
When that’s done your leaves should be dry and you can coat the other side in another thin coat and let dry.
If your leaves have no stem, or a very short stem, you can punch a hole in them so u can hang them.
Hole I punched in a leave with to short of a stem.
After that cut off a smaller length of twine, this one was 10 inches.
Carefully thread the twine into the hole and tie a knot a bit above like pictured.
Then tie the other end onto the stick.
For leaves with a stem u can tie the twine right onto the leaf, then like before tie the other end onto the stick.
Keep repeating the previous steps till you run out of leaves
Now you have a beautiful fall decor item!