Winter Preparation

Studies in Virginia claim the 2022 Winter is going to be colder than normal, and it’s time to begin preparation.

“My mother is stocking up on all of our needs this winter; I can’t wait to be snowed-in all day this winter,” said Adrienne Slatoff, freshman.

“I love going shopping for new sweaters and sweatshirts, so I know the seasons are changing,” said Alexandra Norris, sophomore.

“My family and I are starting to fill jugs with water and storing them just in case the power goes out this winter,” said Jamiah Fitzgerald, senior.

“My dad places road salt on our driveway and walkway before the snow starts so when snow falls it melts,” said Adam Nester, junior.

“We go out and buy a bunch of warm blankets and candles  before we’re stuck in the snow this winter; my parents makes sure everything is set before the snow starts,” said Cory Blair, junior.

“I prepare everything beforehand; we make our meals before the snow starts if the power is likely to go out then we store them for when we’re hungry,” said Payton Pickral, senior.