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Working Towards That Dream Job

High school students have many interesting dream jobs.

“I want to become a real estate agent. I’d love selling houses and helping out families with finding the perfect place for them to live,” Brennen Oakes, junior said. “Real estate agents make around $95,190 in a year. It makes me happy that I can make enough money and have a job that I enjoy.”

“My dream job is to be a controls technician. A controls technician fixes electrical panels,” John Dalton, senior, said.  “I’ve always loved working with computers, and I’d love to incorporate my computer knowledge with my future job. Controls technicians makes around $20-$30 an hour in Danville.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a YouTuber because I love making projects and playing games; I’d like to share that with others,” David Rice, senior said. “I also like being control of my schedule and work at my own pace.”

“Professional bed testers and mattress testing is an easy job. and I would spend most of my days in bed where I’d like to be,” Blair Rice, senior said. “The average salary of a professional bed tester is $58,000 a year.”

“I want to work at Chuck E. Cheese. I like the animatronics there, and I love working with kids, “Jordyn Burgess, senior, said. “I would also like to work with robotics.”

“I want to be a tattoo artist because I’m an artist myself, and I’ve always liked the idea of it and the industry itself, “Emma Weinkauf, sophomore, said.


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Katelyn Robinson, Staff Writer
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