Weird Food Combinations

Check out these wacky weird food combinations CHS students and staff shared.

“I like dipping my pizza in milk; it’s actually quite delicious,”  said Adam Tate, business management teacher.

“Mangoes and cream cheese frosting is amazing; don’t knock it until you try it,”  said Adrienne Slatoff, freshman.

“Very weird and uncommon, but I love maple syrup on my scrambled eggs for breakfast. Sweet and salty at the same time is a perfect combination for me,” said Greenleigh Stewart, freshman.

“Nacho cheese Doritos, ranch dip, and pickles on top is literally the best snack of all time,” said Chloe Hedrick, junior.

“I don’t know if this is considered weird, but hear me out: orange juice and vanilla ice-cream is so good,”  said Jordyn Burgess, junior.

“I dip my cheeseburgers in ranch dip,”  said Alexandra Norris, sophomore.

“I eat vinegar on my steaks: it gives it a tangy taste and way more flavor,” said Alan Boardwine, junior.