Zero Waste Movement

Inverted pyramid graph shows how to reduce waste.

The Zero Waste movement is better for the environment and helps improve our lifestyle.

“Having people try the Zero Waste trend would be helpful for nature because we’ll have less plastics being used,” said Jamiah Fitzgerald, senior.

“The Zero Waste movement sounds like it would make a big change in the world if most people tried it; it’s probably a healthier way of living too, said Payton Pickral, senior.

“More people should try the Zero Waste trend; it sounds like fun, and I’ll try it for myself now that I know about it,”  said Ethan Jones, junior.

“I’ve only heard of the movement a few times, but now I’m trying to get my parents to try it through 2023 as a challenge,” said Hannah Crawley, junior.

“Personally, I don’t think I could ever achieve the goal of just having one glass jar of trash a year. That is outrageous. I’d love to see someone do that without lying about it,” said Mason Bradley, junior.

“I’ve been thinking about trying the movement because I feel as if it’ll make me happier; the thought of helping out the environment makes me happy,”  said Daisy Mcleod, senior.