Students to Participate in Upcoming Livestock Show

Gabrielle Bergeron’s pig for PCYLA

The exhibitors for the county livestock show (PCYLA) coming up next weekend are very excited.

The exhibitors have worked with their animals since the beginning of this year and have put in lots of time and effort into getting them ready.

“I’ve worked with my animals almost every day to get ready for next weekend,” said sophomore Kaylee Bergeron.

“I’ve put in a lot of work to try to make my goat the best it can be,” said sophomore Emma Hodnett.

The competitors of the upcoming livestock cannot wait.

“I can’t wait to finally show my goat,” said sophomore Braelyn Heath.

“It’ll be so much fun,” said Hodnett.

It’s the first year showing for many exhibitors.

“I’m a little scared since it’s my first year showing,” said sophomore Faith Oakes.

“It’s my first year showing so I don’t quite know what to expect yet,” said Hodnett.

Most just can’t wait to finally show their animals and show off the hard work they have put in, although all want to win.

“I really would like to win but either way, but I just would like a good outcome,” said Bergeron.

“It would be really nice to win, but if I don’t I was just excited to be there,” said Heath.