County Dairy Show

The exhibitors of the dairy show

The Pittsylvania County Dairy Show was held recently at the Old Dominion Ag Complex.

Each exhibitor leases out a dairy cow in February from a dairy that they have been assigned to.

They work with their animal once a week leading up to the show to get it halter broke and to learn how to show the animal properly.

While they work with their animal they learn showmanship, how to take care of an animal, and how to get it read for a show.

There is also a showmanship clinic that exhibitors attend to improve their showmanship abilities before the show which  Hammock Dairy  hosted this year.

Exhibitors show in two classes on Saturday: showmanship and confirmation.

Showmanship consists of how well an exhibitor is able to show the animal and get it set up.

Confirmation is how the animal is structurally built and how it looks overall.

There is also a “fun” class at the end of the show called the Pretty Cow Contest.

The contestants dress their dairy cow up in a custom and show them off to everyone.