Chatham beats Galileo

The Chatham varsity soccer team won their home game against Galileo, 3-0.

“The team could have done better and scored more but they played hard and got the win, which is the important part,” said Adam Tate, assistant head coach.

Canaan Sloane, junior, made two assists: the first was stolen from Galileo teammate by Sloane,  then passed over to Seth Striker, junior. The second assist was passed over to Sam Wiebking, junior, who then scored the first point.

”I feel good and the game was good, but I got benched [because of a flag] in the first half. That’s okay though because we played hard and got the win,” said junior, Canaan Sloane.

“I could have done better on my strategies and plays” said Sam Wiebking, junior. We should have scored seven points in the first half,” said Wiebking.

There were a total of three goals by Canaan Sloane, Seth Striker,and Sam Wiebking.

People can watch the Chatham vs. Galileo game on Youtube, by clicking the link below.