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What’s In Your Trunk: Clean Freak or Hoarder?

Tools, gloves, and safety items are commonly stored in a vehicle trunk.

Students with their own vehicles keep their trunks in a variety of conditions.

Some people keep it messy.

“My trunk is pretty messy. I got a lot of clothes in my trunk, water bottles, and other stuff, but I don’t think I’m a hoarder,” Patricia Hylton said. “I just neglect cleaning it a lot of the time.”

It’s real messy. I have just about everything in the back seats and trunk; water bottles, clothes, chargers, peanut butter jars, and Nature Valley bars,” Kristan Ross said. “I don’t consider myself a hoarder; I’m just really bad about keeping a clean space. I work all the time, and if I’m not working I’m out with friends or family.”

Some people like to keep their trunk clean.

I like it clean. I have clothes in my trunk, but it’s all organized,” Dixie Campbell, sophomore, said. “I vacuum it once every two weeks to keep it clean.”

“I like to keep my trunk organized. I got a tool kit, a spare tire, and a blanket in my trunk,” Joel Steward, sophomore, said. “I clean it once a week.”

It’s pretty tidy, I’d say. I have some things in the trunk like a gas pump, a case of water bottles, and a starter, but that’s about it,” Ashley Ross said. “I don’t think I’m a clean freak, I just don’t like clutter.”

How do they keep their trunk clean?

“If I clean it, I use a cleaning foam to scrub the seat, and a vacuum for the floorboards,” Kristan Ross said.”

“When I clean out my Jeep, I use an industrial vacuum cleaner, and I disinfect the wheel and front head board before I polish it,” Ashley Ross said.

“I usually just use my hands to pick up the trash,” Patricia Hylton said.

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