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The Importance of Self Pride

Pride in oneself can go a long ways towards living a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Unless you’ve got some pride in yourself and what you’re doing, you’re not gonna get anywhere in life,” Robert Brooks, father of Harlie Brooks, sophomore, said. “You’ll feel like you’re never moving forward because you’re always chasing that feeling of satisfaction instead of being proud of yourself for doing the best you can.”

“I think it’s important to have some pride in yourself, because no one else is gonna be proud for you, or of your achievements,” Ashley Ross, Brooks’s mom, said. “If you can recognize your own value, and have pride in yourself, you won’t need other people to give it to you, and it can provide some sort of independence too.”

“When you have some pride in yourself, it can give you some satisfaction with your life and how you’re living it,” Elizabeth Brooks, an eighth grader and sister of Brooks, said. “It can bring up your self-esteem, and your confidence too.”

“Because everyone needs someone to be proud of them, even if that person has to be yourself.” Dixie Campbell, sophomore, said.



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