Student Highlight: Freshman Jaiden Lipford

Jaiden Lipford has a unique, fun personality.

Her taste in music is varied. One of her favorite genres of music is Kpop; her favorite kpop band is Blackpink. She enjoys all of their songs and loves seeing them win music banks.

“Two of my favorite songs by Blackpink are Kill This Love and As If It’s Your Last,” said Jaiden. “It is so fun to vote for them in music banks, and I love seeing them win awards.”

Another one of her favorite genres of music is alternative Rock and R&B.

“I like a lot of bands but my favorite is Chase Atlantic; one of their songs I like the most  is Swim,” she said. “Some other bands I like are Arctic Monkeys and Pierce the Veil.”

She has liked using makeup since she was little and wishes to become a makeup artist in the future.

Ever since my mom let me wear makeup when I was little, I have loved putting on makeup,” said Jaiden. “I use the brands Sephora and L’Oreal. Most of the time I use the color black. I also like their black lipstick as well.”

“I would like to be a makeup artist YouTuber in the future to help teach other people how to do makeup just like how I learned,” she said. “It would be awesome to be as famous as Patrick Ta and Mario Dedivanovic.”

During the weekend she likes to stay in bed and read Webtoon; she sometimes goes out with her family, too.

“I really like reading a lot. Some of my favorite Webtoon books are True Beauty, Cursed Princess, and Purple Hyacinth,” said Jaiden. “I like spending time with my family, especially with my siblings on weekends.

“My favorite moment with my family was during my 14 birthday when we all stayed up late and watched movies together.”

Jaiden believes she is a fun person to be around and that she can make anyone smile.

“I think many people enjoy being around me because of my funny nature; I think I can make anyone smile whenever I am around them even when they aren’t feeling well,” said Jaiden. “I like to think of myself as outgoing, and I’m pretty sure other people think so, too.”