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Musicians at CHS

There are many people who have musical talent, whether be at school or an at-home hobby.

Ashton Flick’s Vangoa cutaway acoustic guitar.

“My mama was a piano teacher, so I was always around music. She gave me a guitar for my birthday shortly before she passed,” K.D. Flick, parent of two Chatham students, said. “I got pretty good at it, but with age, my hands just aren’t the same as they used to be.”

“I have a ukulele. I’m no pro, but I can play “You are my Sunshine,” and a few bits and pieces of other songs,” Nikole Imus, freshman, said.

“I can play the guitar, although I don’t personally own one,” Jordyn Burgess, senior, said. “My brother, Dylan Burgess, is in a pretty well-known bluegrass band called “Jus Cause.” 

“I have three guitars, and I can play them and the keyboard. I like to turn my amp all the way up to make my aunt mad,” David Rice, senior, said.

“I can play the harmonica; nothing really special, but it counts I guess,” Alyssa Harrison, sophomore, said.

“I’ve been singing and playing guitar for a long time,” Gabe Cash, junior at Halifax County High School, said. “As most people around here know I’m pretty good I guess. I do concerts pretty frequently and post a lot of musical content on Tik Tok,” Cash said.

“I have this small, baby guitar that used to be my older brother’s,” Brandon Flick, eighth grader, said. “I can’t really play any full songs, but I enjoy strumming chords and playing simple melodies.”

“I play guitar, piano, and drums,” Hannah Rhea, from Altavista, said, “My dad is a pastor, and we have a family album out; and I’ve been working on the guitar specifically for the past three years or so.”

“Back then, I was good on the drums when me and my friends would hang out and play around like we were famous,” Beckie Barlowe, Gretna, said.




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Ashton Flick
Ashton Flick, Sports Editor & Photographer
Ashton Flick is a sophomore. She loves horses, baseball, and listening to music. She will graduate in 2026; after high-school she plans to attend Virginia Tech and become an agriculture teacher.
Blair Rice
Blair Rice, Staff Writer
Blair Rice is a senior. She works for TJX. She enjoys making new foods, going out with friends, and staying at home with her dog named Bard. She plans on attending community college to complete core classes, then she wants to transfer to a four year university.