Most Popular Christmas Toys Throughout The 2000s

Toys popular in the early 2000s are popular again.

Many dolls, figurines, and plushies are enjoying a comeback.

Lots of  Generation Zers enjoyed playing with the action figurines and the baby dolls. There are some people collected these toys and sold them online to make money.

This Batman action figurine was released in 2008
The Barbie doll on the left was released in 2020 and the doll on the right was released in 2000

Game systems like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS, have become even more popular and expensive as they have gotten upgrades over the years. Most of these game systems were really big in the 2000’s, because they were versatile and had many functions for better gaming.


The PlayStation 2 was released in 2000
The Nintendo Wii was released in 2012

Toys that have animations were also popular in the 2000s. Many of these toys have features where they could move, talk, and recreate human actions. Toys like robotic puppies, Robosapiens, and Zoomer Dino were  popular animatronic toys.

The first robotic puppy was released in 2000

Some of these toys have been discounted but there are still many ways to get them such as buying from a seller online.

Many kids favored toy cars and trucks, and many of the big toy brands still come up with new ideas for their products. One popular toy that most kids loved was Hot Wheels. These toy cars have many different box sets for people to explore how to be more creative with toys.

The Hot Wheel Cruise Bruiser was released in 2020

Board games also had a big fan base throughout the 2000s. Many of these board games are still enjoyed today. Games like Monopoly, Battleship, Candy Land, and Trouble are still very popular among many people. There are also different versions to these games that make playing them even more fun.

The first ever Monopoly was created in 1935.
Battleship was released in 1967