Student Highlight: Kevanna Gibson


Kevanna Gibson is a quiet, and nice person in the ninth grade.

Kevanna has various things she like to do.”I like to watch movies in my free time, and one of my favorite movies is The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. The reason I like that movie is because it realistically  portrays high school students’ lives by showing what they go through on a daily basis.” Another thing I like to do is read, and one of my favorite books is Call Me By Your Name.”

She thinks highly of her future and wishes to maintain good grades. “The reason I want to maintain my grades is because I want to go to a good college in the future, so I can start my own cafe.”

Kevanna really likes cooking; she cooks almost everyday for her and her family.

“I’ve always loved cooking since I was seven, because it makes me feel comfortable.”

She likes to try new recipes.

“My favorite dish to cook is a steak over jasmine rice. I also like to cook puff pastries and apple turnovers,” she said. “My grandma taught me how to cook.”