Difficult Classes

There are some really difficult classes at CHS.

Trinity Custer, thinks biology is the most difficult class she has ever taken.  “The reason it was so difficult is because it was a lot to take in, in a very short amount of time,” said Custer. “The class was just very hard in my opinion.”

Chloe Gay, freshman, says history was  a hard class for her. “I’ve never been the best at history, and it’s hard to remember all the things that we had to learn,” said Gay.

Ebonee Linder, sophomore, thinks Spanish III was by far the hardest class she has ever taken. “Every time I walk into the classroom, I get very frustrated,” said Linder.

Tyler Calloway, a junior, says French was the most difficult class he has ever taken. “This was the most difficult class I have ever taken because it’s a different language, and I couldn’t pick it up,” said Calloway. “I liked the teacher, but the class was way too hard.”

James Long, sophomore, says physical education was the hardest class he has taken. “This was my hardest class because at the time I was out of shape, and the teachers made us do lots of push- ups and sit-ups” said Long. “Maybe I would like gym a little more now that I am in shape.”

Alyssa Giles, senior, says geometry was the hardest class she has ever taken. “My freshman year, I took geometry and me and the teacher did not get along,” said Giles.