Students have unique styles and shop at different places for their outfits.

Chancelor Long, senior, gets his clothes from Rue 21.”My favorite place to shop is Finish Line because they have good shoes. My perfect ideal of an outfit is sweatpants, a simple t-shirt, and Crocs. The colors I often wear are blue, red, and black.” Long said.

Ameia Harris, senior, gets her clothes from a lot of different places, but mostly from Shein. “My favorite place to shop is Shein because their clothing is cheap, but they have good quality and are cute. My favorite type of outfit is streetwear. I love streetwear because it’s comfortable and makes it easier for me to style my outfits with my favorite shoes,” Harris said. “The color I tend to wear the most is white, because I have a lot of white shirts in my wardrobe.”

“I mostly buy my shoes from StockX because the popular shoes are most likely to be sold out on the official shoe sites. I mostly shop for jewelry and clothes. Jewelry is something I just can never have enough of and it makes my outfits look more fashionable,” Harris said. “I shop weekly and the most I ever spent was $259.46 on clothes and accessories. I prefer to shop online than in the stores because it has a better variety online.” Harris said.

“I buy my clothes from Shein and Fashionnova. Shein is my favorite place to shop because it’s cheap,” said Zanya Keen, senior. “My go-to outfit is jeans, a t-shirt, and some Jordans. I mostly wear black because it matches with everything. I prefer to shop online because I can find stuff that I can’t find in the actual stores. I shop for shirts the most because you can never have enough shirts,” Keen said.

Ebonee Linder, sophomore, gets her clothes from Rue 21. “My favorite place to shop is Rue 21 because they have good quality graphic tees. I wear black often, and I shop for shirts the most.”

“I shop at Old Navy and my favorite place to shop at is Marshalls because they have reasonable discounts.” said J’Breyon Pritchett, senior. “I tend to wear red the most; I don’t know why. I often shop the most for shirts because they’re an essential item that everyone needs. I get my shoes from Footlocker and Hibbett Sports, and I shop every blue moon,” Pritchett said.

Donavan Garland, senior, said, “I shop at Nike the most because I like that clothing brand. I get my shoes from Finish Line. I shop for food the most because I’m always hungry. I usually shop about four times a month.”

Taylynn Fitzgerald, senior, gets her clothes from Shein, Fashionova, Ross, and Rue 21.”My favorite place to shop at is Shein because it has so many options and out-of-the-box styles.”

“My favorite style is the ‘dress-up look’ (tight fitting pants with fitted shirts). I like the way the style makes me look and feel,” Fitzgerald said.

“I mostly wear brown and black clothes. Depending on what store, I often spend about 20-80 dollars,” Fitzgerald said.

“I prefer to shop in person because I can actually see how the clothes fit, but online stores have more cl0thes,” Fitzgerald said.