Senior Summer Plans

Seniors at CHS are asked about how they plan to spend their summer.

” I will be at a salon this summer practicing cosmetology,” said Zaniyah Russel.

” This summer I will be travelling to California where I grew up,” said Dylan Deak.

” My summer plan is to work at my family business, Blair Construction, and spend time with friends,” said Avery Blair.

” I will continue to work at Leggett Town and Country this summer,” said Ryan Meadows.

” This summer I will be playing baseball for Otterbots,” said Carrington Aaron.

” This summer I will hopefully start working at the Danville Target,” said J.J. Sims

” I will be playing for the baseball for the Otterbots this summer along with my friend Carrington,” said Jacob Moore.

” I will be working at my families business, Homeplace Vineyard, during the summer,” said Austin Smith.

Zaniyah Russel
Dylan Deak, Avery Blair, Ryan Meadows
Carrington Aaron
Austin Smith, Jacob Moore, JJ Sims