Freshman Spotlight

Kyndall Moore has enjoyed her first year as a high school student.

“My favorite part of high school is being in gym with my friends,” Moore said. “My least favorite part of high school are French and English classes.”

Moore hasn’t made any new friends this year; she has continued to be friends with the same people as middle school.

This semester, Moore is taking Algebra I with Mrs. Dalton, English 9 with Mrs. Kapp, gym with Coach Fielder, and digital application with Mr. Clayton.

“I played volleyball and softball and really liked playing. I am not in any clubs and don’t plan on joining any because none of them interest me, ” said Moore.

Moore was most excited about having more independence and being able to see all her friends. She didn’t like all the drama when she came to the high school.

Moore biggest challenge was taking a foreign language. “French I was very difficult,” said Moore.