Spring Break

Spring break makes everyone excited.

 “This spring break, my family and I are going to Hawaii,” said Cora Liggon, freshman. 

“For this spring break I’m just gonna stay home, relax, and sleep,” said Amario Henry, freshman, “I enjoy the peace and quiet at my house.”

“I’m going to Florida for spring break,” said Semiyah Royal, freshman. “I always go out of town for spring break; it’s a family tradition.”

“I’m going to the lake with my family,” said Lindsey Evans, freshman. 

“Spring break is a time for rest and relaxation,” said Sandra Whitehead, guidance registrar. “Sadly, I haven’t been anywhere since the COVID-19 lockdown.”

“I’m going to be working to save money for spring break,” said Angel Calderon, juinor. “Spring break is a stress reliever for me; I get to take a break from all the work teachers assign me.”

“I love having a mental break from school,” said Logan Perry, freshman. “At the beginning of spring break, it’s such a relief to not have to do anything related to school.” 

“Spring break gives me the time to focus on myself,” said Hannah Wilson, freshman. “I don’t have to worry about when my work is due or when my next test is.”