Freshman Spotlight

Brennen Oakes has enjoyed his first year at Chatham High School.

“English is my least favorite part of my day; it is a difficult class,” Oakes said. “My favorite part of my day day is being around my friend and spending time with my boyfriend.”

Oakes is taking earth science with Mr. Gary Poindexter, geometry with Miss. Allie Reid, English 9 with Mrs. Kapp, and gym with Mr. Coach Joseph Fielder.

“I have made lots of new friends this year; I have enjoyed meeting new people,” Oakes said.

Oakes said there are no clubs the interest him and he will not be trying any sports because he doesn’t like sports.

The thing Oakes was looking forward to the most coming to high school was meeting new people and just having more freedom in general.

“The most difficult thing I have had to do this year is trying to keep to myself and keep myself out of drama,” said Oakes.