Life After Graduation

In a little over a month, high school seniors will graduate and go a different way. 

Many students plan to attend college in the fall.

In order to start a career, many jobs require a college degree of some level. College can also provide students with the experiences they need in order to excel in the real world.

“I plan to go to college to major in biochemistry,” said Austin Elliott, senior. 

Some seniors plan to go to community college and later transfer to a different university, like Zoie Tahseen, senior. “I’m going to DCC my first two years then transferring somewhere to do environmental science,”  said Tahseen. 

Other students will go straight into the workforce. Several jobs and careers don’t require a college degree and not attending college can also save people money in the long run. Some will go into the military like Yashua Bridgeforth plans to do. “ I want to fight for my country and better myself,” said Bridgeforth. “I’m going into the Navy.”

Gap years are also common. These are breaks that last a semester, year, or more, and later attending college or starting a career.                 

Seniors have mixed emotions about starting a new chapter of their lives after graduation. “I am definitely nervous since it will be a big change, but I’m excited to leave my hometown and meet new people,” said Elliott. 

Others are ready to start their independent lives. “I’m not nervous. I already work two jobs and have real world skills,” said Tahseen.