Easter Break

Students were out recently or Easter break.

Most had an exciting break; others were a little stressful.

“Friday, I went to the drive-in and ate Cookout, and Saturday I went graduation dress shopping. I lost my car bumper; it flew off going down the road; I found it and stuck it in the back seat of my car. Sunday, I did an Easter egg hunt and Monday, since it was raining, I stayed in,” said Carissa Carter, a senior. “I did have Easter lunch with my family; we had ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, and all the other fixings,’ said Carter. “I feel that I was able to relax over break, but it still wasn’t long enough,” she said.

“On Friday and Saturday, I had car issues; Sunday I had to work, and Monday I stayed in,” said Kelsey Shelton, a senior. “I actually ate pizza for Easter lunch instead of a home-cooked meal,” Shelton said. “Overall, Easter break was stressful considering all of the events,” said Shelton.

“I went turkey hunting Friday and Saturday, and that afternoon I went to the movies and then babysat that night.” said an anonymous senior. “Sunday, I went to sunrise service at my church and went to a family lunch and a family dinner that night. Monday, I had practice and picked up my dress for prom this weekend,” she said. “I had a great Easter break, even though I was really busy, I was glad I was able to spend it with my family,” said the senior.