County Fair

Students think that going to the county fair is a good place to spend time with friends and have a good time.

“I like the fair because it’s a place to get out of the house to have a good time with your friends,” said sophomore, Lindsey Evans.

“I go to the fair just for the candy apples; they’re my favorite,” said junior, Katelyn Robinson.

Many have favorite rides at the fair.

“I love to ride the swings because they make me feel like I’m flying,” said sophomore, Marisol Estrada.

“My favorite ride is the Ferris wheel because at night, when you ride it, you can see the whole fairground and all of the lights,” said sophomore, Ashley White.

“My favorite ride is the Claw because it goes very high in the air and swings you back and forth while turning around, and it’s very fun to ride,” said Robinson.

Some students have interest in the mini-games that the fair has; other students have their most-liked parts of the fair.

“I don’t really have a favorite part of the fair; I just like to go to have a good times with my friends,” said White.

“My favorite part of the fair is riding the Ferris wheel at night to see the overview of the whole fair with all of the lights,” said Evans.

“I go for the rides,” said Robinson.

Some students wear specific outfits to the fair for particular reasons.

“I like to wear a long-sleeved shirt in case I get cold, and loose pants because I like to be comfortable because when you go to a fair there is going to be a lot of walking,” said White.

“I like to wear a cute but comfortable outfit so that way I won’t be hot, and I can be comfortable,” said Robinson.

“I usually like to wear jean shorts so I’ll have pockets for my phone and money, a short sleeve shirt in case it’s hot, and I bring a jacket in case I get cold,” said Evans.

Down below are some pictures from the fair.

The Ferris wheel ride at night.

A food truck and the swings in the back.

Another ride at the fair.

Another food truck.