What Helps You Find Peace?

Peace is an important aspect of mental health.

Students at CHS have various ways that are helpful to maintaining their peace.

“I enjoy meditation and playing video games; it’s my way of finding peace within me. It can also distance you from the negative energy in your life, it opens your eyes to your opportunities, and you realize so much that you didn’t see before,” said Tyler Calloway, senior.

“I love reading and listening to my favorite music; it calms my mind and puts me in a good mood, said Donia Gashan, junior. “I recommend finding something peaceful that you enjoy doing and make sure it relieves you and does not stress you out.”

“Doing my makeup helps me relieve my stress; it is therapeutic, my mind wanders and expands whenever I do my makeup, said Shami Gashan. “Taking time to write in my journal also finds me peace.”