Favorite TV Shows

Students enjoy watching a variety of shows when they are home.

“I love to watch Friends when I’m home,” said sophomore Autumn Cassell. “It’s really funny, and I enjoy the drama that comes with the comedy.”

“My favorite show right now is probably The Walking Dead,” said junior Rin Parsons. “I love the gore and the storytelling and the actors are charming and interesting to watch.”

Pokemon is my favorite show by far,” said sophomore Lane Burke. “My favorite video game series is Pokemon, and I really love watching the show as well because it’s awesome to watch.”

“I really love watching Shameless,” said freshman Jayla Miller. “It’s such a good show, and I can’t stop watching it, and I find all of the characters attractive.”

“I love watching Big Mouth on Netflix,” said sophomore Ashley White. “It’s so funny and very entertaining, and I really can’t wait til the new season comes out.