Best Jobs for High School Students

There are many jobs and opportunities available that have great benefits for high school students .

Students can find it difficult to balance out work, school, sports, and relationships. High School students need flexible jobs in order to focus on other things.

“When I worked at Bojangles, the hours were pretty flexible so you can still get your work done for school and work,” said Austin Elliot, senior.

“Most jobs working in fast food restaurants have flexible hours, including McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Hardee’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, Cook-Out, Zaxby’s, Sonic, etc.,” said the Indeed website. 

 “I recommend any retail or customer service job to high schoolers,” said Zoie Tahseen, senior, who formerly worked at Aeropostale (clothing store). The best retail jobs in Danville include American Eagle, Old Navy, Target, Belk, Rack Room Shoes, Dunham’s Sports, Hobby Lobby, and many more according to Indeed. 

“Working at Food Lion is a good paying job considering I’m still in high school,” says Kelsey Shelton, senior. Students depend on their jobs for income in order to save/spend money without relying on others. Kelsey also recommends working at Food Lion because of the many benefits. 

There are many beneficial jobs available that are flexible and well-paying for high school students in the area.