“The Batman” Movie Review

“The Batman”,” the latest movie, provides a darker, more mature take on the caped-crusader.

The movie features the  famous actor Robert Patterson as Bruce Wayne and Batman.

“The Batman” doesn’t take time explaining who Batman is or how be became the bat. The plot jumps right in, which to me was a great way of starting it out for this version of Batman.

Gotham City is explored extremely well in this movie. The lighting of the city was brilliant; the dark alleys lent great atmosphere at night. The movie begins on Halloween night, and people are very afraid of Batman lurking in the darkness.

The movie introduces The Riddler as the main villain of the movie. His riddles, his costume, his entire character is perfection. This character makes this movie much darker than its predecessors. He was psychotic and deranged which added to the darker tone. He targeted political figures, crime bosses,  and crooked police and assaults them.

Robert Patterson is the best batman so far. He emerges from an alleyway with his loud boots hitting the ground was perfect because it was startling and exciting. The batman suit is a very new design; similar to the design of his suit in the  “Batman Arkham” games. His chest is bulletproof and also is split so it’s easier for him to move around and fight. I love the way his grappling hook comes out of his wrist cuffs. Batman’s actions and movements and speech are just the perfect way for this Batman to be in a life action adaptation.

I don’t have any negatives for this movie. I honestly think it’s perfect. The pacing is great, the dialog is great, the characters are great. I think Matt Reeves did a good job handling the Batman character and the world he’s in. I definitely recommend  this movie, but be prepared for the runtime because it’s a little long.