Chatham Beats Gretna

Chatham varsity baseball beat Gretna 14-4.

Carrington Aaron, senior, hit 1-3 ( one out of three at bat). It was a double, with two RBIs (runs batted in), and two runs scored.

“I went 1-3 from field goal range, fouled once, got two from the line (free throws), and two assists. I got torn up pretty bad but the game itself was very fun to play,” said Carrington Aaron.

Zander Cornell, junior, hit 2-3 with two runs scored.

“All week we prepared for Gretna, and brought out a W [win]. I didn’t play as well as planned, but I didn’t hang my head and continued to fight with my team,” said Cornell.

Alex Van Pelt, junior,  hit 3-3 with one RBI.

Payton Daniel, junior,  hit 1-3 with 3 RBIs.

Daniel pitched for one inning with two hits and two runs. Van Pelt pitched for one inning with zero hits and two strike-outs. Cody Walden, junior,  pitched three innings with two hits and two runs.

“I feel my team was dialed in and focused on the task at hand, and that was to defeat Gretna. The game didn’t start as prepared for but throughout adversity we got the W [win],” said Kendell Sanders, senior.

“We did not play well, but it was still good enough to beat them by ten, which is not saying a lot. Everytime you play Gretna and don’t win by ten plus, it’s not a good game,” said Chad Anderson, head coach.