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Exam Tips

 Students provide study tips for the upcoming exams.

”I would definitely say go in your exam with a confident attitude,” Mollie Franklin , junior, said.

”Get enough sleep the night before and review the material like an hour before bed; it helps me,” Gracie Hyler, junior said.

”I like to make quizletts if I have some free time in class, and they help me study the material,” Ryann Anderson, junior said.

“If I have trouble with a question I know will be on the exam I write the question down over and over until it’s stuck in my head,” Emily Kisler, junior , said.

“If there’s a study guide I take the study guide and write everything on it, therefore I memorize it much better,” Amber Blevins , sophomore, said.

“Get yourself in a really good mood, so you’ll be motivated to study,” Tony Luck, junior, said.

”There are so many tips you can use to prep yourself for exams, but I would say the most efficient way that has helped me was going through all my notes and start studying them individually,” Makayla Tate, freshen, said.





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Emilee Blevins
Emilee Blevins, Staff Writer
Emilee Blevins is junior. She enjoys reading and spending time with her family. After graduation she will pursue a career as a lawyer.