Should sophomores be allowed to attend prom?

Sophomores would like to attend  prom without being invited by upperclassmen.

Students are quite opinionated on the long-standing tradition of juniors and seniors exclusively going to prom.

Some students think of prom as seniors’ last dance. ”Sophomores should be allowed to attend the prom without an invitation, so they can experience what is to come,” said senior, Dylan Buchanan.

”It doesn’t really bother me that sophomores attend prom; I just don’t want to see freshmen” said junior Canaan Sloane.

“It’s enough that a senior or junior can bring a sophomore as their date,” said junior Mallory Farrell.

Most seniors want the tradition of junior and seniors only at the prom with the date of their choice.

“I feel as if I’m babysitting; their turn will come in the following years,” said senior, Caden Lightborn.