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Inflation Grinches Christmas This Year

The increase of inflation has created financial issues among local families around Christmas time.

Inflation can make purchasing gifts and preparing for Christmas a dreadful expense for families.

“For example, the cost of Christmas trees has increased by at least 10%,” said FOX News. The consequence is that what was once an exciting trip with the family has turn into a painful expense.

“It was a tradition for my family and me to go buy a tree from a tree farm, but this year my parents broke this news we couldn’t afford one this year,” said Susannah Wilkinson, junior.

“Around 65.9% of families have being buying fewer gifts for loved ones,” said FOX News..

“This year my family can only afford to get us three presents,” said Dixie Campbell, freshmen. “When in previous years we got way more.”

“This year I started paying for the gifts I give to others, and the pricing in outrageous,” said Hannah Wilson, junior. “I’ve had to save up for months to buy everything I wanted to give.”

Holiday inflation and rising Christmas shopping prices and winter holidays have increased.  (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The cost of doing Christmas related activities has also skyrocketed. For activities such as going to see Christmas lights, ice skating, skiing, snow tubing, seeing a play, or even getting a picture with Santa have all escalated.

“My family and I usually take a couple pictures with Santa or the Grinch every year, but we don’t even know if we can go once this year,” said Maddie Swanson, junior.

“I wish I could’ve been able to afford to go skiing this year, but since of inflation I can’t,” said Eli Kazmier, junior. “The price has just gotten too high. We usually visit the Snowflex at Liberty, but it is too expensive.”


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