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Christmas Songs

Once Thanksgiving is out of the picture, radio stations start playing students’ favorite Christmas songs.

Christmas songs get students excited for the magic of the season. Radio stations play many hit covers or some new originals.

Over 75% of students love “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey, a song that came out in 1994. This song has managed to become a Christmas staple for most.

“I honestly started listening to ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ before Thanksgiving,” said Lindsey Evans, junior. “It makes the holiday feel more warm and cozy.”

“I always look forward to the TikTok Mariah posts promoting this song, and it reminds me how close Christmas is,” said Jaxon Phillipi, junior.

Around 20% of students have differing song choices.

“My favorite is ‘Mistletoe’ by Justin Bieber,” said Cameron Martin, junior. “It makes me love spending time with my significant other during this season.”

“I love all the different versions of ‘Jingle Bells’,” said Mason Lawrence, junior. “The beat of the song is my favorite part about the song.”

“I love the meaning behind ‘Mary Did You Know?’ covered by Pentatonix,” said Brenden Hedrick, junior. “It reminds me who the season is about.”

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