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Rockin Around the Christmas Trees

Students have put up their Christmas trees and are getting into the spirit of Christmas.

The Christmas tree set-up is a family tradition.

“My family puts up our tree to show off our Christmas spirit,” said Hannah Wilson, junior. “We always compete for the best looking tree.”

“My mom always told us growing up that our tree is a symbol of the Garden of Eden,” said Mary Ross, junior. “We always use white lights instead of colored ones.”

Quality time can play an important role when putting up trees.

“I always look forward to putting up our tree,” said Caitlynn Hawkins, junior. “I feel like my mom and I get a little closer each and bond while we put up our tree. During those few hours we really talk about everything under the sun.”

“I love putting up the tree with my family,” said Semiyah Royal, junior. “We always have a great time and make so many jokes.”

Taking down Christmas trees give students mixed emotions.

“I hate taking down my tree,” said Wilson. “I feel kinda empty once it’s gone, since it has been in my living room for so long.”

“I am excited to take it down, once I look at something for too long I get sick of it,” said Maddie Swanson, junior.

“I don’t really care when my mom takes down our tree after Christmas,” said Ross.

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