“Manifest” Has Netflix Fans Wanting More

Fans of Netflix’s popular sci-fi drama, Manifest, anticipate the newest season of the show and hope for one as awesome as the last.

The show began as a lesser known science fiction drama inspired by the disappearance of Flight MH370 on March 8, 2014. Manifest opens with passengers boarding Flight 828, unaware of how the flight forever will change their lives.

The passengers didn’t anticipate landing five years into the future.

The show follows main characters: Michaela, Ben, Cal, and Saanvi, all of whom were passengers on the plane. The passengers begin to experience strange anomalies and develop supernatural or divine abilities known as “Callings” which they have to solve to prevent catastrophic events from occurring.

“Callings” are the effect of the Dark Lightning on each person; they have visions and other supernatural occurrences.

As the show progresses, it dives into each character’s flaws, weaknesses, and fears. The characters are developed realistically and they are lovable or hate-able for fans to root for or against.

Another appealing part of the show is its captivating and intense romance. Drama rises in the latter parts of the show, and it makes fans crazy about who should end up with who. The actors are amazing in their roles; this adds to the show’s impressiveness, and creates believable, lovable characters.

Manifest has a versatile connection to both science fiction and religion. There is much Christian symbolism, but it veers away from cliches.

Long time viewers get more and more  attached to the characters; viewers will find themselves so invested that when season three ends on a cliffhanger, they will be desperate for more.

Manifest has become a cultural phenomenon and has fans on the edge of their seats, anticipating and predicting what might happen next.