Opinions about the PS5 and PS4

Since the release of the PS5 in 2020, many people have expressed their concerns on whether or not it is better than the PS4.

There is a big debate worldwide as to whether the new PlayStation console is better than the previous one. Some people think it it’s better than the old one, but others feel it’s not. The new PlayStation console is said to have faster loading times and is capable of expandable storage. People who have the new console have plenty of reasons for why they think it is the best.

“The graphics are better on the PS5, so of course it’s better than the PS4,” said freshman Colby Haskins.

“I think Sony’s new console is way better than the previous one since it doesn’t lag when I’m playing games,” said Percy Bennett, father of Kevanna Gibson.

Many consumers like the new Playstation better, but they think the prices should be lower. “The new PS5 is way better than the PS4 though I don’t think it should cost more than the old one,” said senior Victavion Harris.

Many people disagree that the PS5 is better than the PS4. Both consoles have most of the same features. They also think that the PS4 has a much better game library than the PS5.

“The PS5 isn’t better than the PS4 because it limits what PS4 games I play,” said Elijah Gibson, a 21-year-old.

Many also think the cost shouldn’t have tripled, and that the  price should be more reasonable. “I think they should’ve kept the prices of each consoles the same instead of increasing the amount of money we need to spend to get it,” said fifth grader Ka’javion Witcher.

“Though I like the appearance of the new PlayStation console, I don’t really feel the need to buy it. Since I’ve heard from my friends that nothing has improved, I think it’s a waste of money if I get it,” said junior Juelz Williams.